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The Difference

The Stingrays Difference

Why do we learn to swim? Because otherwise water is a threat to our life, specially when we live in an island?

Yes, but to address that issue
we learn to swim because being in water should be as natural part of our existence as being out of it. So at Stingrays we start from the premise that water is our friend and everything we teach stems from this fundamental belief.

Our pioneering approach

Our approach has won the approval of parents, pupils, and teachers.

As soon as pupils understand that water is their friend, we’re ready to teach the correct mechanics of each stroke. It’s the start of a happy lifelong relationship with the water.

Our teachers are passionate about this and all trained the Stingrays way. The result is a clear difference between the children we have taught to swim and those taught elsewhere.

Over the course of 17 years our pioneering approach has changed the way swimming lessons are taught.

The difference

Everything is rooted in a unique and passionate teaching method.

  • Our instructors train you in the water.
  • You learn the correct mechanics of the four recognised strokes.
  • You learn how, why and what you should be doing, or learn it on behalf of your baby.
  • You see rapid progress through our modular lesson plans.
  • Class sizes are small, or one-to-one or two-to-one, where we maximise teaching contact time.
  • No doggy paddle, no arm bands. Never.
  • Learning is fun.

The teaching

Confidence in the water is contagious. Whether you are a baby, a child or an adult, you catch it from your teacher. That’s why all of ours Stingrays Foundation Course.

Also mandatory for us are teachers who understand children, love swimming and have pool-sized amounts of patience. The result: the relaxed environment your children will want to learn in every week.

The Results

Whatever your age or swimming ability, we can teach you to be a confident, effortless swimmer.

We also want to develop children who can make a worthwhile contribution to society whilst leading fit and healthy lives. That’s why our programmes promote:

  • Swimming as a lifelong habit
  • Balance, rhythm, timing and co-ordination
  • Fitness, co-ordination, self-confidence and the ability to concentrate
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